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When two lovers meet every day and talk each other dating and planning for marriage so life very happy, but one day boy get a other girl and he interested with other girl and he lie with girlfriend and not meet her and not talk good every time ignoring his girlfriend so after few days or month the result is boyfriend leave her and go with other girl and block her numbers and whatsapp etc and not meet her. If you facing this problem contact us we solve your problem with guarantee.

Same condition with boy some time girl find a rich boy and she like other boy so she ignore her boyfriend and not talk and even some time she ask him I don’t like you ok leave me i like someone and please don’t disturb me leave me I hate you so if you facing problems about your girlfriend we will solve your problem IN SHA ALLAH.If you west your time and money and you not get solution, so give us one chance and see how we will solve your problem within few hours, and 100% you get lost love back, ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, even we solve all difficult problems by rohani amliyat and taweezat.

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After marriage husband and wife live happy and very good life, but after few months or few years start relationship problems some time create problems between husband and wife by misunderstanding and husband not believe on his wife and wife not believe on her husband sofighting between husband and wife and the end is relationship is finish.After breakup/ Relationship finish wife thinking about her husband she feel her husband is good and he is not wrong and she feel I can’t live without my husband so then she contact with her husband but husband not give answer positive and not want come back in his wife life, but his wife want live with husband so if you facing this problem you can contact us and we will solve your problem within few hours, by whatsapp or direct call.

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Get love back, Some time your love angry with your and he/she ask you please leave me and i dot want live with you and I don’t want marry you, when he/she not talk on phone and not meet you and even some time he/she block you on all contact sources, and when you worry and not fee good and not eating feel sick and sad, if you facing problem about your lover and he/she leave you and not contact with you and not meet you so you can contact us and we will solve this problem 100% if you already west your time and money but you not get solution about your problem se we will solve your problem with guarantee contact us by call or whatsapp, find our number on adds or in website contact page.