Manpasand Shadi ka Amal

Love marriage is a problem in our society. Manpasand shadi (Love marriage) is a term that our society thinks it is against Islam. Religion accepts love if a person wants to marry someone and turn their love relation according to Islam. It is not bad it’s the right of both girl and boy. Islam gives the right to the girl to marry a boy she likes. Same for boy Islam created rules. If a girl and boy want to do love marriage (manpasand shadi) and their families are against them. No need to worry. All problems can b solved with rohani amliyat. You will found too many ads and websites claiming that they will solve your problems with rohani ilam or black magic. Don’t believe those who don’t satisfy you and solve your problems completely.

Baba Syed Ameer Ali Shah is a love marriage expert (manpasand shadi). Rohani Amil baba will perform istekhara and will guide you completely how to solve love marriage problems. Rohani Amliyat taweez, manpasand shadi taweez, manpasand shadi istekhara. For every problem, there is a solution available through rohani ilam. Rohani ilam means to solve problems through Quran and sunnah.

Manpasand shadi karni ho, apne ghar walon ko manana ho. Shadi ka taweez, ap k tamam taar masaail ka hal baba ji apko bata den gay. Manpasand shadi k liye ek khas amal kiya jata hai rohaani ilam k zariye. Agr ap sach me kisi ko pasand kartay hain aur us say pasand ki shadi karna chahtay hain to baba ji se rabta karen. Baba Syed Ameer Ali Shah sahib apki rehnumai karen gay aur ap ki tamaam tar rukawaten khatam hojaenh=gi quran aur sunnat k mutabiq amal kiye jatay hain.

Love Marriage Problems and Solutions

Mostly in our society people takes love as a bad thing but love is not just a problem to them. People disagree because of the cast also. Our society still believes that cast marriage is a crime. One of the main reasons is cast. If a boy or girl falls in love with a girl or boy of a different cast. Then they become depressed as they know their families will never agree to their marriage. If you are in the same condition and you have a faith in rohani ilam then we can help you to solve out-of-family marriage problems. Love marriage (manpasand shadi) is not a crime and it is allowed in islam.


Love marriage expert is a perform who have a broad knowledge of relationships as well as rohani ilam. We will not only solve your problem through rohani ilam but also Baba Syed Ameer Ali Shah will guide you to perform all the rohani wazaif which can solve your problems and can help you achieve what you want.

No matter how modern the world is today. People still think that marriage (Manpasand Shadi) should be in the same cast. If people have a feeling for another religion or another caste. They have to get rid of the feeling of love or compromise with them.

People talk about the reputation of society, instead of the happiness of the children or what they want. This is why so many loving couples fall apart and lack all the dreams and aspirations they had about the future life.

Sometimes, a couple faces this situation due to the weakness of the planet Venus. The planet Venus is about love. If it is around other ugly planets then the couple wants to make more relationships. So to get out of all kinds of complications and annoying situations you have to consult an inter cassette love marriage rohani amliyat specialist. He is the only person who can resolve inter-marriage issues in a short time. Regardless of why your parents do not allow it or something else.


Love Marriage How can a marriage specialist help you?

A marriage specialist is a person who has an intuitive knowledge of all classes of people before and after marriage. Has more than 30 years of experience in solving people’s immediate problems.



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